UK [ækˈsentʃueɪt] / US [ækˈsentʃuˌeɪt] verb [transitive]
Word forms "accentuate":
present tense I/you/we/they accentuate he/she/it accentuates present participle accentuating past tense accentuated past participle accentuated
to emphasize something, or to make it more noticeable

The bright lights tend to accentuate wrinkles.

English dictionary. 2014.


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  • accentuate — (v.) 1731, from M.L. accentuatus, pp. of accentuare to accent, from L. accentus (see ACCENT (Cf. accent) (n.)). Originally to pronounce with an accent; meaning emphasize is recorded from 1865. You ve got to accentuate the positive Eliminate the… …   Etymology dictionary

  • Accentuate — Ac*cen tu*ate, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Accentuated}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Accentuating}.] [LL. accentuatus, p. p. of accentuare, fr. L. accentus: cf. F. accentuer.] 1. To pronounce with an accent or with accents. [1913 Webster] 2. To bring out… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • accentuate — I verb accent, deepen, emphasize, heighten, highlight, intensify, italicize, make clear, point up, pronounce, punctuate, reaffirm, spearhead, star, strengthen, stress, underline, underscore II index dwell (linger over), insist, pronounce (speak) …   Law dictionary

  • accentuate — [v] focus attention on accent, bring attention to, call attention to, draw attention to, emphasize, feature, give prominence to, highlight, point up, spotlight, stress, underline, underscore; concept 77 Ant. divert attention from, mask …   New thesaurus

  • accentuate — ► VERB ▪ make more noticeable or prominent. DERIVATIVES accentuation noun …   English terms dictionary

  • accentuate — [ak sen′cho͞o āt΄, əksen′cho͞o āt΄] vt. accentuated, accentuating [< ML accentuatus, pp. of accentuare < L accentus, ACCENT] 1. to pronounce or mark with an accent or stress 2. to emphasize; heighten the effect of accentuation n …   English World dictionary

  • accentuate — ac|cen|tu|ate [əkˈsentʃueıt] v [T] [Date: 1700 1800; : Medieval Latin; Origin: , past participle of accentuare, from Latin accentus; ACCENT1] to make something more noticeable ▪ The photograph seemed to accentuate his large nose. >accentuation …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • accentuate — ac|cen|tu|ate [ æk sentʃu,eıt ] verb transitive to emphasize something or make it more noticeable: The bright lights tend to accentuate wrinkles …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • accentuate — [[t]ækse̱ntʃueɪt[/t]] accentuates, accentuating, accentuated VERB To accentuate something means to emphasize it or make it more noticeable. [V n] His shaven head accentuates his large round face... [V n] The whole air of menace was accentuated by …   English dictionary

  • accentuate — transitive verb ( ated; ating) Etymology: Medieval Latin accentuatus, past participle of accentuare, from Latin accentus Date: circa 1731 accent, emphasize; also intensify < accentuates the feeling of despair > • …   New Collegiate Dictionary